Thursday, August 2, 2012

Speedy Trip to Petersburg

Sunday July 29 – Tuesday July 31

Bow Lookout in Drizzle
I discovered that I had miscalculated the number of bottles of eye drops that I needed.  This was a particular problem, because there are not many pharmacies in the wilderness.  We discussed the options.  1)  Cut out some of the anchorages we wanted to visit and travel long days to reach Petersburg a day or two after the end of my prescription. Or 2) ask friends to mail the prescription from Vancouver to General Delivery somewhere; however, a package I mailed from the main post office in Sitka took 3 weeks to arrive in Vancouver and who knew what customs would do.  So we got to Petersburg after 3 hard days of motoring. 
Two Humpbacks
Our route went up Chatham Sound and east in Fredrick Sound.  It was amazing to listen to the weather forecast:  no matter what was predicted, no matter which direction we went, the wind was always on our nose!  We slowed down sometimes to watch feeding humpbacks; one group was particularly active.  Chatham Sound is apparently one of their favorite summer feeding spots.  We learned that humpbacks have to feed a lot in summer, as they do not eat during the winter.
Wind of 36 Knots (Apparent Wind 42.8- Boat Speed 6)
Tuesday weather was particularly confusing.  Monday evening, the prediction was for west winds 10 knots.  Great, some motor sailing!  However, when we got out into the sound, winds were up to 36 knots from the south – where we were heading.  That was gale-force winds.  Furthermore, the weather forecast said nothing about a gale warning.  And nearby weather stations north and south of us were reporting 10-knot winds!!  Anyway, the waves were not steep, more like a chop, and Raven Song just plowed through it all.
Storm Clouds
Rain on the Windshield

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