Sunday, August 5, 2012

Currents and Rain

Friday August 3 - Saturday August 4

We left Petersburg on Friday on a rising tide. The current had been against us on a rising tide when we were going south to Petersburg, so it must be with us going north, right? In the channel outside Petersburg, the current was about 4 knots against us (we only go about 6 knots)! And with a cold engine, we cannot go full speed. The current was rushing around the buoys and pushing them over. Oh, no. What's happening. However, when we got into Fredrick Sound, the current changed northward, 2 knots with us; thank goodness. It was pouring rain.

In the evening, Urs listened to the weather forecast. Rain likely Sat; rain likely Sun; ... rain likely Wed. We both shook our heads and said we were sick enough of rain that maybe we should throw in the towel and head south.

Saturday morning, the sun was breaking through the clouds. A moose grazed in the grass behind the beach -- the first we'd seen in this environment! So maybe we didn't need to turn south! The first 4 hours of motoring were in thick fog with 1/4-mile visibility. Fortunately the logs were rare, but we did see several large bergy bits!

Sun finally came out and it got so warm that my socks came off and slacks got rolled up! The temperature was only 60 f / 16 C but the sun made all the difference

We'll head toward Pack Creek, the well-know bear-viewing sanctuary tomorrow; our permit is for Monday.

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